Forward / Reverse Propeller

Variable Forward and Reverse Pitch Propeller

The pitch control lever positioned at the driver’s station operates the adjustable pitch hovercraft propeller. Transition from forward to reverse pitch takes just a second. The pitch may be fine set to keep speed down in a following wind while maintaining high cushion pressure, or alternatively, course pitched for into wind running or to increase speed. Engage reverse pitch at speed and the Air Rider Hovercraft will pull up very quickly. Yes! This hovercraft has brakes. From a stationary position on land or water, engage reverse pitch and the Air Rider Hovercraft will back-up.

The Air Rider Hovercraft VF/R Propeller is specifically designed for the Air Rider Hovercraft and offers efficient thrust at slow rotation. The combination of the VF/R Propeller, rudder and throttle, offers the driver excellent craft control.


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