Inflatable Hull

The Air Rider Hovercraft hull is an inflatable semi-rigid tube made from very durable double coated PVC with a material weight of 1100 gr/sq.m. The inflatable hull has 5 separate buoyancy chambers for unsurpassed safety. Each airtight compartment has its own inflation valve and overpressure valve.

Air Rider Hovercraft Hull Material Technical Data
Test Method
Base Fabric
0.90 +/- 0.02
1100 +/- 30
Tensile Strength
Tear Strength
Abrasion Resistance

ASTM D 3884-92

(Loss Weight)

Test condition: Wheel no: H-18(tabler) Load 1000gr Cycle 1000 Rpm 70

Standard A45 Features

  • Full one piece fiberglass cabin including convertible top with zip out windows
  • Separate 4-Stroke gasoline, Kohler V-twin 23hp EFI lift engine
  • Fly-by-wire variable propeller pitch control with LED dash display
Specifications Air Rider 23 Air Rider 34 Air Rider 45
Length: Hull structure 4.3m (14′ 1”) 4.7m (15′ 4”) 5.2m (17′ 3”)
Width: Hull structure 2.4m (7′ 11”) 2.4m (7′ 11”) 2.4m (7′ 11”)
Height: Hull structure 2.3m (7′ 9”) 2.3m (7′ 9”) 2.3m (7′ 9”)
Weight: Empty (without fuel) 290 kg (640 lb) 315 lg (695 lb)
522 kg (1150 lb)
Loading: Recommended carrying capacity 200 kg (441 lb) 300 kg (662 lb) 400 kg (882 lb)
Seating: In line Single and side by side Double 1 single, 1-dbl 2 single, 1-dbl 1 single, 2-dbl
Hull Type: Semi-rigid Inflatable with bulkheads 500mm ø(20”) 500mm ø (20”) 500mm ø (20”)
Hover Height: Obstacle clearance (Hard Structure) 430mm (17”) 430mm (17”) 430mm (17”)
Buoyancy: Airtight compartments. 5 chambers 1960kg (4322 lb) 2120kg (4675 lb) 2410kg (5302 lb)
Skirt System: Anti-spray low pressure loop with front segments Urethane / PVC Urethane / PVC Urethane / PVC
Propeller: Hoverworks variable forward / reverse pitch 64” type 2-blade 64” type 2-blade 64” type 3-blade
Lift Fan: Multi-bladed axial compressor type aerofoil-9 aerofoil-9 aerofoil-9
Engine: 4-stroke petrol, Kohler V-twin 29.8 kw (40 hp) 29.8 kw (40 hp) 29.8 kw (40 hp)
Engine: (Lift) 4-stroke petrol, Kohler V-twin (AirRider 45 Only) N/A N/A 17.2 kw (23 hp) EFI
Fuel Capacity Portable tank 24lt (5.2 gal) 24lt (5.2 gal) 48lt (10.4 gal)
Fuel Use: Standard octane 86 / 91 6 lt/hr (1.3 gl/hr) 6 lt/hr (1.3 gl/hr) 9 lt/hr (1.9 gl/hr)
Cockpit/Cabin: Length 1.475m (4′ 9”) 1.875m (6′ 11”) 2.075m (6′ 9”)
Cockpit/Cabin: Width 1.4m (4′ 7”) 1.4m (4′ 7”) 1.4m (4′ 7”)
Cabin Height: Interior height from floor to ½ cabin top 1.35m (4′ 5”) 1.35m (4′ 5”) 1.35m (4′ 5”)
Seating Height: Seating height from floor 300mm (12”) 300mm (12”) 300mm (12”)
Performance: Cruise 75% of power, open cockpit ideal conditions 58 kph (36 mph) 53 kph (33 mph) 56 kph (34 mph)

Standard Features included with all Air Rider Hovercrafts:

  • Floor boards that are made from a durable composite material, with a non-slip surface and are easily removable for craft clean-up
  • Variable Pitch Propeller that allows full control; forward, reverse and stationary hover
  • Inflatable semi-rigid durable PVC tube hull with 5 separate airtight compartments
  • All 5 hull air chambers include separate inflation valves and overpressure valves
  • Stainless steel hardware to ensure long life serviceability in harsh marine conditions
  • Air Cushion Stability provided by low pressured loop skirt with front segments (fingers)
  • A complete set of spare front segments (fingers) including attachment ties
  • Adjustable and flexible seating configurations for varied passenger or material capabilities
  • Government required navigation and strobe lights
  • Driver dash gauges include propeller pitch indicator (LED on AR45), tachometer (one per engine), hour meter, voltmeter, main battery power switch, individual motor switches including indicator lights, front engine EFI warning light (AR45 only), lighted accessory switch panel for bilge pump, navigation lights, strobe lights, wiper (if equipped) and 12 accessory volt output
  • Powerful 500 CCA watercraft battery
  • Complete set of spare front skirt segments (fingers) including attachment ties
  • Skirt and inflatable hull repair kit (includes glue and material)
  • Proven belt tensioning system incorporating 4 special pre-tensioned rubber inserts that provide the function of a spring, damper and bearing in one unit for a long, slip free belt life
  • Dual belt propeller drive for increased reliability and longer belt life
  • Foot or hand pump with built in peak pressure capability
  • Watercraft safety kit includes one collapsible paddle and boat essentials kit (whistle, bailing bucket, waterproof flashlight including batteries and 50ft. rope with float)
  • Cold weather kit that includes engine air intake heat stove (both engines on an AR45)
  • Extreme environmentally tested and proven push-push throttle cables for reliable throttle control
  • Quiet and very reliable 4-stroke gasoline Kohler V-twin 40hp rear engines on all crafts. Drives the variable pitch propeller and lift fan on the AR23/34 and only the variable pitch propeller on the AR45
  • Stainless steel exhaust extensions on rear engines of all crafts

Options available on all hovercrafts:

  • Complete Fiberglass Front Cabin – white for AR23/34 (Colour extra)
  • Colour Fiberglass front cabin/sport
  • Convertible Top (for full cabin) for AR 23/34
  • Complete fiberglass sport front in white for AR 45 including wind screen
  • Full Hovercraft Cover
  • Rear Motor Propeller Cover
  • Jacks – Set of 4
  • Trailer – Steel
  • Heater Kit
  • Windshield Wiper Kit, installed
  • Muffler & Tail Pipe, Ceramicoat
  • Hull air pressure gauge
  • Electric air pump (including gauge)
  • Single seat
  • Dual rear lockable storage units (>4 cubic feet)
  • Electric Side Window Defrosters with controller
  • Front Window Electric Defroster (when combined with side window defrost)
  • Full craft width Convertible top
  • Other options including lights, radio, navigation systems are available through special order

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