“Had the unit on the north Saskatchewan river and was very impressed with its capability over sand bars etc. we will put it to the test over the next couple months once break-up arrives. There is no doubt this unit will take us places our jet boat only dreamed of! Can’t wait to put it to a long range test this spring.”

Kevin, Cut Knife, Northern Saskatchewan

“I always received first class treatment from all Air Rider Hovercraft employees I came in contact with, always eager to help”

Milan, Healey Lake,  Ontario

“The Craft is the Ultimate transportation for ones like myself that live on an Island for the fact of being able to travel.”

Glenn, Port Severn, Ontario

“I just wanted to say thank you for your very quick response today. We learned several things to keep an eye on too. I also need you to be aware that the two guys who came out were a great representation of Gordon Bay. Polite and professional and easy to talk to without making us feel dumb.”

Alex Weber, Business Administration Manager, Weber Supply Company Inc.