Contractor Hovercraft



The Air Rider AR-45 has proved to be extremely beneficial to contractors who work on projects in difficult to access regions. It provides a unique competitive advantage to the contractor as they can now accept projects almost all year round with virtually no downtime. This can amount to a significant benefit towards the bottom line. It can transport men and material over water, snow, ice and other difficult terrain both locally and in remote locations that could not have been accessed by other means of transportation at certain times of the year.

Advantages and Abilities


Contractors servicing certain regions often might have to delay or turn down projects because of accessibility issues at various times of the year. This need not be the case with the help of the Air Rider AR-45. It can transport men and material safely over difficult terrain and weather conditions that could otherwise not have been accessed with other methods of transportation.

Ease of Operation

Operating the Air Rider hovercraft is not difficult as the controls are very user friendly. There is also 2-4 hours of operator training provided with the purchase of each craft to provide the necessary operator confidence for safe and effective use.


  • The Air Rider hovercraft provides you a competitive advantage over others in the industry as more projects can be taken on and less delays in the completion of work underway due to accessibility and weather conditions.
  • Offers better and more productive use of resources and labour.
  • Less fluctuation in income streams throughout the year which amounts to increased revenue and better cost management.
  • Better labour retention and reduces the need to consider temporary layoff of experienced personnel as there is potentially less downtime.
  • There are also great accessories available for the Air Rider hovercraft such as storage bins to help with portability to and from worksites.
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