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Family & Residential AR-45

Air Rider Hovercraft has proven to be an extremely flexible hovercraft manufacturer by offering consumers a hovercraft for many applications. The most obvious reason to have an Air Rider is for the pure enjoyment of the hovercraft experience. Traditionally, cottagers have purchased an Air Rider to access non drive-to locations that are only accessible by water. Spring, fall and winter months produce unsafe ice conditions which are a challenge for other craft but an Air Rider provides safe and easy access in such conditions. The Air Rider Hovercraft is a source of enjoyment as cottage owners are able to safely cruise areas where no one else can, in any season.

Advantages and Abilities


The Air Rider AR-45 is the hovercraft of choice for transportation to the cottage. Due to its ease of operation with such features as steering wheel control, separate lift & thrust controls, a variable pitch propeller with a convenient joy stick actuation, comfortable seating for up to 5 passengers with a pay load capacity of 900 lbs., a heater and room for luggage, it makes getting to the cottage quickly and safely, an enjoyable experience.


With the family on board, you can travel in your Air Rider Hovercraft with confidence, knowing that your Air Rider Hovercraft has been designed with safety and comfort in mind. Features such as a 5 chamber inflatable hull, an enclosed fiberglass cabin with convertible top and diesel fired heater/defrost system (separate from the engine system) give you the confidence you need to travel to your destination safely any time of the year.


Whether in summer or winter, hovercrafting is just plain fun!

To learn more about the AR-45 craft please visit our product page.

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