Forward / Reverse Propeller

Variable Forward and Reverse Pitch Propeller

The pitch control lever positioned at the driver’s station operates the adjustable pitch hovercraft propeller.
Transition from forward to reverse pitch takes just a second. The pitch may be set low to keep speed down in a following
wind while maintaining high cushion pressure, or alternatively, the pitch can be set high for into wind running or to
increase speed. Engage reverse pitch at speed and the Air Rider Hovercraft will pull up very quickly. Yes! This hovercraft
has brakes. From a stationary position on land or water, engage reverse pitch and the Air Rider Hovercraft will back-up.

Starting late 2017, all crafts will now have the KOOL Variable Pitch Propeller installed on them.

With this prop installed the performance of the AR-45 is greatly improved. There is a considerable
improvement in the thrust generated making the craft faster and able to handle the windy days with ease. The stopping
distance has also been greatly reduced using either the spin around method or by using the reverse pitch capabilities of
our crafts. Steering is also very responsive now making it a dream to drive.

KOOLprop blades are designed using computer technologies, then tested in a wind tunnel, in flight and pass
special destructive tests. The KOOL VPP is made from carbon fiber + fiberglass composite and is finished with a very
durable epoxy gelcoat, which resists scratching. This prop has an integrated strong leading protection made of ultra
high-density polyurethane. With these features combined, the prop is ideally protected against water splashes, tall
grass, dirt, tiny rocks ect. The hub is made from an aluminum alloy and is CNC machined then anodized. There is also a
manufacturers warranty against defects of 500 hours or 2 years and have a life expectancy of 1000+ hours.

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