Hunting, Fishing & Outfitting


Hunting, Fishing & Outfitting AR-45

Hunting and fishing are other areas where the versatility of Air Rider again becomes evident, enabling hunters to hunt in areas they couldn’t previously reach. From small creeks to partly frozen lakes, over beaver dams and grassy bogs, Air Rider opens the door to endless possibilities for hunting and outfitting. During hunting season, cold weather creates many opportunities for the Air Rider to safely and quickly transport hunters and game. Many hunting lodges and camps can be more easily accessed by travelling up and down shallow rivers and streams. Outfitters are often in remote areas where they are cut off from suppliers during freeze up and thaw periods. The Air Rider 45 provides continued transportation and access at these times.

Advantages and Abilities


For the ice fisherman who wants to fish earlier, later and safer, the Air Rider Hoverhut will take you out and bring you back warm and safe no matter how thick the ice is. The Hoverhut has removable access hatches in the floor which allows the ice fisherman to fish right from inside the craft. There is no better, safer way to ice fish than in an Air Rider Hoverhut.


As the versatile design of the Air Rider skirt/finger concept is understood, it is easy to see how Air Rider 45 can access areas where no other vehicle would even consider going. With the fingers at the front, the hovercraft is able to reliably travel over larger obstacles with the fingers providing a better seal for more efficient hovering. The actual skirt is very durable with a special urethane coating on the underside to provide many years of reliable service.

Kohler 4 cycle gasoline engines provide economical and reliable power for both the lift and thrust engines. Even starting at -30° C is no problem. Their reliability and durability is backed by Kohler’s 3 year engine warranty.

The Air Rider Hovercraft comes equipped and ready to go, with comfortable seating for passengers and operator, efficient diesel fired Heater, HD Wiper, and LED Lighting, as well as many other features.

After many hours of testing, the Air Rider Hovercraft is becoming the benchmark for travel over ice, snow, water and land.

Be sure your next hunting or fishing trip is both safe and memorable as you join the growing number of outdoor enthusiasts who are going further and faster to their favourite hunting/fishing spots in their Air Rider Hovercraft.

Whether for hunting or fishing, an Air Rider Hovercraft has it covered.

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