Mining, Oil & Gas, Exploration


Mining, Oil & Gas, Exploration AR-45

The versatility of the Air Rider AR-45 has provided the Mining, Oil & Gas and exploration industry a tremendous advantage over traditional methods of transportation used in these industries.

The AR-45 has the ability to efficiently travel over water, bog, frozen tundra and even tailing ponds. It provides the opportunity for exploration into remote areas enabling specialized equipment to source future mining sites as well as transporting personnel in seasons that would have limited such exploration.

Advantages and Abilities


Air Rider Hovercraft are used for diamond mining exploration where specialized equipment has been installed. The hovercraft flies smoothly over many and varied ground conditions and the sensitive equipment is safely transported without without what could be costly damage from bumps & impacts.

In another area, Air Rider provides personal transport from ground onto trailing ponds and back again.


Transport your Air Rider Hovercraft with the use of our custom fly-on/fly-off trailer which is galvanized steel, wood and aluminum construction.

The AR-45 has built in lift ports, which enable the craft to be lifted off the ground for service and inspection as well as enabling the craft to be flown by helicopter to remote, hard to access locations.

All in all, Air Rider provides the solution to specific and unique mining/oil and exploration requirement.

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