Search & Rescue


Air Rider AR-45 SAR

Search and rescue requirements are probably one of the most varied and demanding requirements for a rescue craft. The AR-45 SAR meets those demands through unparalleled versatility and safety. The AR-45 SAR covers open water, fields, narrow rivers, frozen ponds and endless other situations to carry rescue personnel to and from the scene quickly and with confidence. With 30 years of design knowledge and experience, features such as the combination bag/finger skirt adapt to the varying terrain and conditions, providing confidence for the operator, and reducing response times with greater safety.

Advantages and Abilities


  • Inflatable hull provides stable platform to work from, being only 16″ above the water when not on hover
  • Will not “freeze down” during off hover rescue operation
  • In addition to standard equipment, the hovercraft can be equipped with all necessary retrieval equipment such as, “Stokes Basket, Jason’s Cradle”, emergency lighting, radar and plotter
  • Convenient layout inside for patient transfer and attendants
  • Ease of operation through a well laid out helm station, which also provides excellent visibility and protection from the elements. The “Espar” diesel heater which is included with the craft is independent of the engine system providing both cabin heat and defrost for the windows
  • Air Rider provides 2 -4 hours of operator training with each craft to provide the operator with the confidence necessary for safe and effective rescue missions

The Air Rider Search & Rescue is a safe craft with virtually unlimited access to accident sites. It is capable of travelling over land, water, snow, ice and grassy fields. Even stony creeks and open lakes with 2 foot waves are no match for the AR-45 SAR as it capable of accessing both local and remote locations.

The Air Rider craft offers a simple deployment through fly-on/fly-off capability from our custom Air Rider Tilt Bed Trailer.
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