Why Air Rider?

Forty years of engineering design experience have gone into the innovative design of Air Rider Hovercraft. These crafts are safe, easy to maneuver, equipped with forward and backward capability, durable, comfortable and stable. Made in Canada, these vehicles are equipped to travel over extreme terrain and operate comfortably and safely in a variety of weather conditions.

What sets our hovercraft apart?

1619-200x119Unique hull design

Unlike most hovercraft that have a rigid hull, Air Rider hovercraft has a five-chamber inflated hull providing a safe and stable platform whether on or off hover. This design decreases shock, is less prone to impact damage and won’t crack, chip or dent like other hovercraft. All Air Rider Hovercraft are Transport Canada Approved.

For more specifications on our hull, click here.

1632-200x149Hybrid skirt system

The hovercraft skirt is what contains and controls the downward-moving air that allows the vehicle to hover. Our hovercraft design for the skirt is a unique hybrid of two popular styles: the loop skirt and the segment skirt. No other manufacturer on the market combines these two styles to get maximum performance.

For more specifications on our skirt system, click here.

1629-200x149Reliable, economical engine

Our hovercrafts are powered by the ECH980 Kohler Command Pro 4-stroke Engine. It offers high torque at low rpm, it’s reliable and easy to start. This popular engine is straightforward to service and you can get parts and expertise even in small communities.

For more specifications on our engine, click here.

1636-200x149Comfortable design

Air Rider’s hovercraft design is built for driver and passenger comfort. The seats are padded and have been created with long or bumpy trips in mind.

Driver comfort and ease of use are a top priority in the design of our hovercraft. The vehicle is controlled with a steering wheel, unlike other hovercraft which are controlled with a joystick, which is not as intuitive as a wheel. Our driver’s seat is positioned so the driver can control the vehicle while seated or standing up, which many drivers like to do while traveling over rough terrain or for better visibility in inclement weather.

For more specifications on our passenger and driver hovercraft designs, click here.

diff-img2-200x133Better control

Air Rider’s hovercraft require a short training period to provide the proper skills required to maximize the potential of the hovercraft. This is due to a unique feature of the Air Rider’s propeller, which is a variable forward and reverse pitch propeller. It shifts easily from forward to reverse to full stop. Adjusting the pitch (angle) of the craft and the speed is also straightforward, even in high winds and while going over rough surfaces.

For more specifications on our propeller system, click here.

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